Social Media Strategy Package

This social media strategy is a great way to gain focus and direction for your social media from experts so that you can avoid costly missteps in the future.

Choose one of the following platforms:

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest

Phase 1: Discovery

  1.  Client completes discovery questionnaire about business objectives, business pain points and the current state of their social media.

  2.  1-hour client discovery call.

  3.  Wingnut Social (WS) analyzes your current images and content.

Phase 2: Analysis

  1.  WS researches your competitors.

  2.  WS examines current social performance.

  3.  Explores the questions your prospects most commonly ask.

Phase 3: Building the Plan

  1.  WS writes the plan and provides it to the client via email.

  2.  After the client looks over the plan, the final call is scheduled.

  3.  After the final call, WS makes edits to the plan if necessary based on the call and provides the final document to the client.


A social media strategic plan that you will be able to implement, containing:

  • Goals and value proposition to your followers

  • Competitor analysis

  • Optimized profile

  • Aesthetic and voice

  • Content pillars, content mix, and content suggestions

  • For Instagram, Stories and IGTV recommendations

  • Hashtag research

  • A social media best practices guide solely for Wingnut Social clients

  • $750 one-time charge